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Pre or Post Session?

Ideally, you should start using Rev'heal 14 days before getting your tattoo or piercing. You can also start anytime before or after your session and enjoy the first results within days.

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Tattoo and Piercing Essential

Whether you've been planning to get a new tattoo for a long time or just jumping on the opportunity, make sure you have your Rev'Heal bottle handy.

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Rev'heal is the #1 Tattoo / Piercing, Pain & healing Management dietary supplement in the world

  • The science behind Rev'heal

    Rev'Heal is a one-of-a-kind vitamins, antioxidants and minerals complex designed as an anti-inflammatory supplement that reduces appearance of bruising and swelling after a tattoo session.

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  • Rev'Heal vs Painkillers or Ibuprofen: the truth

    It may seem not bad if you take painkillers or ibuprofen before you commence the tattooing session to help reduce the pains of the needles, but the truth is these painkillers are likely to trigger some problems that may affect your tattooing process or session in a negative way.

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  • How to Deal With the Pains of Tattoo

    The old slogan “no pain, no gain” is perfectly not accurate when it comes to getting your body inked. All tattoos may not hurt very much but they will at least hurt a little. Quite a number of tattoo pains can be managed by going into your appointment with some pain-fighting tricks and the right knowledge.

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Get a tattoo - Drop the pain - it's science!

Rev'heal is rooted in hard science and is not an over-reaction to skin and body care industry trends. We firmly believe that our products will provide the best results to our customers and we are putting our money where our mouth is. Clinical studies are underway to prove that our product is the best on the market.

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What is Rev'heal dietary supplement used for?

Rev'heal contains a compound of vitamins, nutrients and mineral that work synergetically to deliver a pain relief effect and activate the healing process. It can be used for before, during and after any tattoo or piercing session. Rev'heal also helps soothing, itching and preventing tattoo color leaching.

How should I use Rev'heal?

a proactive treatment is strongly suggested in order to reduce the pain during the tattoo or piercing session. the earlier you start prior to your body modification, the better. Start using Rev'Heal 14 days minimum before getting your tattoo or piercing, and continue using it for at least another 14 days to accelerate the healing process (One Rev'heal bottle will last you One month). You can start using Rev'heal as early as 4 weeks before your session. As a dietary supplement, adults take (2) two capsules daily, preferably with a meal. You can continue using Rev'heal after the first 14 days, and for as long as you desire, until the pain and hitching are gone and the healing is complete.

What are the side effects of Rev'heal?

Rev'Heal does not have any side effect and is 100% natural and safe to use. Ask your doctor before using if you have a serious medical condition. As a dietary supplement, Rev'heal should not be used for pregnant and nursing women.

Does Rev'heal work for any type of skin?

Rev'heal works with any type of skin, whether you are a man or a woman, and for all type of tattoo and piercing, anywhere on the body.

is Rev'heal available over the counter?

As a dietary supplement, Rev'heal is an 100% natural OTC product, suitable for anyone starting 18 years of age.

What is your customer satisfaction policy?

We at Rev'Heal want to ensure that you have the best shopping experience possible with us. We stock only the freshest, best dietary supplement available. Nevertheless, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order or want a full refund, send us an email at satisfaction@revheal.club: We always welcome your comments and questions.

Who are you?

Phytobiol is a cosmetic company created in 2002. For over 16 years, Phtytobiol has been a leading manufacturer of cosmetics & Supplements and is dedicated to empowering consumers to “Own Your Health” with the help of our top-selling brands. At the core of Phytobiol’s success is our unwavering focus on five strategic principles — Quality, People, Innovation, Customer Service, and Cost Effectiveness.

Is Rev'heal manufactured in the USA?

Yes. Rev'heal is manufactured in our Miami, FL facilities.

Buy Rev'Heal - Tattoo and Piercing - Pain and Healing Management Complex - Dietary Supplement 60 vegetarian capsules