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How to Deal With the Pain of Tattoo and Piercing

The old slogan “no pain, no gain” is perfectly not accurate when it comes to getting your body inked. All tattoos may not hurt very much but they will at least hurt a little. Quite a number of tattoo pains can be managed by going into your appointment with some pain-fighting tricks and the right knowledge. It might surprise you to find out how easy it can be to survive your tattoo.


Before your appointment

To ease your mind, talk to a professional about your tattoo or piercing

One of the best ways to prepare yourself mentally if you have never tattooed your body is to eliminate every mystery encompassing it. The thing is you definitely want to walk into that tattoo appointment without anxiety if anxiety should even exist at all because the more calmed and relaxed you are, the easier the tattoo experience will be. You may also consider talking to people who have inked their bodies to have more experiences about getting tattoos.

The pain tolerance of everybody differs. Although tattoos are not comfortable for some people, they can’t be compared to kidney stones and even childbirth.

 Find out where tattoos hurt the most

Find out where tattoos and piercing hurt the most

The location of the tattoo on your body also determines how the pain will be. If you want to reduce the pain, you should deem it fit to move it to areas that are not painful. In general:

Areas with many muscles such as legs, upper pectorals, arms, areas with many fatty padding like hips and glutes do not hurt that much.

Sensitive areas such as groin, breasts, face, underarms, areas close to bones like ribs, feet, face, hands and collarbones hurt very much.

All tattoos are not equal. Although there are some exceptions, the level of the pain of your tattoo experience is likely to be affected by what you are putting on your body. In general:

The simpler and smaller the tattoos are, the less pain you will feel. However, large and detailed tattoos will be very painful.

Multi-color tattoos are very painful compared to one-color tattoos. On top of that, areas that require the artist to go over many times will also hurt a lot.

If tattoos are a 5/10 on a pain scale, piercings are probably 7-9/10.  Piercings are far more painful than tattoos, but for a shorter period of time.


Make arrangement for someone to come with you

It’s not compulsory you endure the pain of the tattoo experience alone. If it’s possible, it will be great if a friend or a family member can go with you. Being with someone that cares for you makes the experience a lot less painful. You might need to talk about your jitters before anything and you need someone to encourage when you are in pains.

If you are not too shy, try to make a social event out of your tattoo appointment. A lot of tattoos parlors allow a small group of individuals to hang out in the room or the lobby where the artist will perform the tattoo. Having people that can cheer you up around will make your tattoo experience an unforgettable experience.

 Tattoo bleeding

Understand that there will be little blood and needles

A modern tattoo gun is a small set of needles that go in and out of the skin rapidly and leave a small ink every time. This is capable of making some little cuts in the tattooed area.

If you feel faint because of any of this process, you should consider not watching. Do well to explain your situation to the artist, an expert and a good one will be glad to help you in getting through your tattoo experience without too much discomfort.

 Tattoo parlor

While getting the tattoo

Calm yourself

It’s not easy to keep calm before the artist begins to ink your body, but you will have an easier experience if you can. Try as much as possible to take talk to your family member or friend, have a chat with the tattoo artist and take deep breaths. They will help you keep calm and remove your concentration from what is about to happen.

You may call your artist ahead of time if you can bring things that will make you relax just in case you feel worried going into your appointment. For example, you can bring an MP3 player to listen to your favorite nerves calming songs while having your session. A lot parlor will give you the comfort as long it does not discomfort the job of the tattoo artist.

 Comfortable tattoo parlor

Make yourself very comfortable

It depends on the details level and size of your tattoo, you are likely to be in the parlor for some hours. Although you will likely be given breaks to move around, it is still great to prepare yourself for the appointment. The following things should be considered:

Eat before going for your appointment

Drink water to avoid dehydration

Wear comfortable clothing you won’t mind sitting for a long period of time

Go with anything you will use to entertain yourself during your appointment such as reading material or music player

Go the bathroom right before you appointment begins

 Squeezing something during tattoo

Chew or squeeze something to relieve pain

Trying to tense your muscles by chewing something in your mouth can lower the pain. This is the technique used to reduce pain for women when they are in labor – and it’s very effective. A lot of tattoo parlor will have something for you to use, but in case yours does not have any, you can go with any of the following:

Soft candy, Protective mouthpiece, Stress ball, Towel, wooden spoon, Grip exerciser

 Breathing during tattoo

Exhale during painful periods

Controlling the way you breathe can make your tattoo experience a little bit more bearable. You should consider exhaling when feeling the worst pain. This can be done through breathing out or through making a gentle sound like a very low hum. Exhaling during stress gives you the ability to power through pain. This is the reason a lot of fitness resources will recommend exhalation on the up phase during a weightlifting exercise.

However, breathing incorrectly can make tattoo pain worse. You should consider resisting the urge to hold your breath most especially during tattoo periods. It is likely to make the pain more distracting.

 Stay still during tattoo

Move as little as possible

During your tattoo appointment, the urge to squirm most especially during painful stretches is likely to be high; try not to. The less you make moves, the fast and more precise the tattoo artist will be.

In a case it’s mandatory to move, inform your artist before doing so that he can move away the tattoo gun from your body. You definitely do not want any mistake made by the artist because tattoos are not temporary.

Take a break during tattoo

Don’t be scared of taking breaks

You should let your artist know you need a break if the pain becomes much. A lot of artists will not mind because they won’t want to make your experience a painful one. Take a minute or two break then resume your tattoo later.

Don’t feel ashamed asking for a break.

Many tattoo artists have worked on a lot of clients with different pain tolerances and they have seen a whole lot when it comes reactions especially painful ones.

Try Rev'heal but don’t try a blood thinner

If the pain is tough, you should consider taking Rev'heal. On the other hand, ensure you do not take a pain medication that has blood-thinning agents or perhaps causes blood-thinning. They might not be dangerous for tattoos in small doses but they are likely going to make you bleed more.

Don't drink alcohol during a tattoo session 

Don’t try to dull the pain by drinking

Although it likely to be tempting to show up in your tattoo appointment drunk, this is not advisable and it’s a bad idea.

A lot of tattoo experts won’t accept to work on someone that is drunk. This is for the betterment of the client because drunk clients can be louder, unruly and can make tattoo decisions they might end up regretting.

On top of that, alcohol also acts as a mild blood thinner, which makes you bloodier than normal.

 Listen to your tattoo artist

Listen to the care instruction of your artist

It’s nothing abnormal for your tattoo to go sore few days after it’s been done. You will be given the detailed instruction on how you can care for your tattoo by your artist. Ensure the instructions are carefully followed to minimize the pain. The steps instructed by your tattoo artist might be different from ones in this article, but ensure you protect your tattoo from irritation, keep it clean, and apply antibiotics ointments till everything heals. You should also avoid touching tattoos that are still fresh with unwashed hands. In case you touch it unknowingly, gently wash it with soap and water. Transferring bacteria unknowingly into tattoo wounds is likely to lead to painful infection and may as well alter the appearance of your tattoo.

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